Ignite Protocol


Binance Smart Chain:


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Launch date

January 25, 2022

Ignite Protocol is a thoughtfully planned community-made BEP20 Token, made to prevent all things above become the usual trace of circumstances that leads to price declines. IGNT is backed by its own real-time automatic prevention algorithm. Besides IGNT being the world's smartest cryptocurrency, we wanted to make a model for rewarding its holders a little more, so holders have a chance to win 1 x 100 BNB and 10 x 10 BNB. Please read our Whitepaper for more details. We want to make sure that joining IGNT is extremely safe, that's why we use a Token Kickstarter pre-sale contract dapp where users can easily connect their wallets and swap BNB to IGNT. ✅WHITEPAPER RELEASE ✅AUDITED ✅ANTIHACK ✅20000$ prize pool for presale participants ✅LP locked ✅Dev Wallet Locked ✅Reflection to Holders ✅Anti Hack ✅Anti snipping bot . ✅BUY FROM PRESALE? ✅Copy website Link https://www.tokenkickstarters.com/presale-ignite/ and swap BNB to IGNT. Tokens will be credited into your wallet .