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October 23, 2021

BitCross Finance (BCF) – The first tribute and deflationary rebasing token built to keep the chart constantly rising on the Binance Smart Chain. BitCross Finance protocol translates price-volatility into supply-volatility. This means the number of BitCross tokens in user wallets automatically increases or decreases based on price once per day. Why Rebase Token: rebasing protocol assures that the price of EVEREST will consistently go up, so you’ll be constantly seeing green long candles move up. Why BitCross Rebase Protocol: BitCross is an elastic token with price versability and an adjusting supply. Rebases allow for values to fluctuate and adjust supply over time, which in our case allows for prices to consistently rise. BitCross holders enjoy passive income via token value appreciation by simply hold. 3.5% Burn 3.5% of each transaction tax goes to Burn and ensure higher value of each token. 7% Liquidity Allows us to maintain a stable liquidity pool for the health of the coin